Why Me? Why Write? Why Now? Why Not?

The Me is Doug Curran…Douglas M Curran…Douglas Metcalf Curran. Douglas is Celtic for “dweller by the dark stream”. Curran in Gaelic means “little spear”. And Metcalf? Scottish for “I met a calf”? Hey I don’t know! I don't have all the answers. I'm still trying to get the questions right. At least I seem to be a spear fisher by some dirty water. Or maybe I'm a Druid. And that Curran thing may not even be as Irish as my Irish American wife, Colleen Fitzsimmons, hoped it was when she married me. Ok, I might be a Viking. It's like this. I was reading this book, The Lion Of Ireland, see, and the author, Morgan Llewellyn, recounts a last battle between Brian Boru and the Viking invader king, to regain Irish dominance again throughout the island and kick the fureners out. The Viking king's name? Olaf Cuaran? Cuaran? Curran? I'm a Viking now, so I am? And a descendent of one of those marauding and murderous pillagers and plunderers? I've never pillaged a thing in my life...well, maybe a book or two from somebody. I'm really just a gentle giant who loves books and music. Ok, I bought a sword recently, but only as a wall decoration to enhance my Irish family history coat of arms! Honest! Viking, Schmiking, so rest my Irish soul! Or my wife will have my old bald Irish head!

July 9, 2009

Tweet Tweet Tweet Michael...

Sorry, being facetious, don't tweet, though I may have been called a twit in my time - and the only twitter I know about is from Bambi when that wise old owl talks about everyone being twitterpated in the Spring - and I blushed even then as a kid, though wasn't sure why. But nope, sorry, not buying into all the titter about Twitter, one more online concoction I don't need - and I don't use MyFace or Spacebook or WhoTube or any of those other pathetic outlets for posting my poor self all around the universe and creating more needless drama among the people of the earth. The only tweet I know about is in that song "Rockin' Robin" by Chuck Berry that takes me back to the 50's era of absurd lyrics (You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog and How Much Is That Doggie In The Window and Yip Yip, Yip, Get A Job). People actually sang those words??? Not this hip cat. And speaking of Michael Jackson, and aren't we all lately, I guess The Jackson Five did have a hit on it too.."Rocks in the treetops all night long.....Rockin' Robin, tweet, tweet, tweet..." Guess that tweety bird won't be singing anymore. I liked his song though...

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